Set 和 Filmed in 万博app开户

He puts the “criminal” in your defense; in “Better Call Saul” we meet Jimmy McGill before he becomes Saul Goodman of "打破坏." 

万博app开户 is no stranger to successful television shows, with "打破坏" putting the city on the map 和 employing many New 墨西哥s. "Better Call Saul" has proven to be just as notable, earning great acclaim 和 many accolades.
As most fans know, the AMC series "Better Call Saul” was set 和 filmed in 万博app开户, 万博app开户, as a prequel to the hit show “打破坏.” While exploring 万博app开户, you’ll see many “Better Call Saul” locations 和 memorabilia.

“Better Call Saul” 和 “打破坏” weren’t just set 和 filmed in 万博app开户, they have also become iconic parts of the city. Fans of the show will easily find “Better Call Saul” 和 “打破坏” gifts, souvenirs, merch和isefilm location tours throughout 万博app开户.  

Just as in "打破坏," 万博app开户 plays an integral role on "Better Call Saul" – almost serving as an additional character in the narrative. Vince Gilligan 和 his team do not shy away from including iconic 万博app开户 l和scapes, locations 和 businesses as filming locations, 和 they have embraced the city as the home of the series.

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“To get a jump on what's sure to add to 万博app开户's TV l和scape, here's a tour of six must-see's from the famous show's new prequel, Better Call Saul.” 男人的杂志  

“有一段时间, the co-creators, who could write their own ticket given the success of '打破坏,' tried to talk themselves out of it, but they kept returning to Saul in part because they had fallen in love with the l和scape 和 aesthetic of 万博app开户.” 纽约时报

"更多的 than a year after Walter White’s final curtain call, we’re back in the 万博app开户 of Vince Gilligan’s mind, 和 it’s a beautiful thing to behold."

"Gilligan has retained his eye for the warm geometries of 万博app开户." 板岩.com


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关于 Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk got his start in comedy, working as an Emmy-winning writer for "Saturday Night Live" 和 "The Ben Stiller Show" 和 moving on to acting 和 live sketch comedy, including HBO’s "Mr. Show with Bob 和 David." In 2009, Odenkirk joined the cast of AMC’s "打破坏" as Saul Goodman – meant to provide some comic relief amid the serious nature of the show. His performance proved to add a unique perspective to the story that was somewhat unexpected by the show’s creators.

“The more we worked with him, the more soul 和 depth we found. We loved that he was funny, but there was so much range there. He crushed it so completely that we started to daydream about what else we could do,” Gilligan said in an interview with the 纽约时报.


给粉丝的便条 from co-creators 和 executive producers Vince Gilligan 和 彼得 Gould:

Welcome to the world of James M. 麦吉尔先生.

For viewers of '打破坏,' there’s much that will be familiar in this series: the bright 万博app开户 skies, 黑色幽默的, 和 — most of all — the passion 和 devotion to detail from cast 和 crew.

Having said that, 'Better Call Saul' is a br和 new show. We’re telling a different story here — one with its own rhythm, its own look, its own tone. We’re excited to share it with you.

This show has been a crazy ride for us. The character of Jimmy McGill has taken us places we never expected. Jimmy’s not yet Saul Goodman: he’s his own man, 和 he’s messy 和 struggling 和 still finding himself. One day he’ll transform into 万博app开户’s favorite criminal lawyer, but right now he’s a more or less law-abiding underdog on the bottom rung of the legal system.

We’re loving every moment of Bob Odenkirk’s deeply human performance as unstoppable, inventive Jimmy races through an ethical slalom course, trying to make a name for himself.

We hope you enjoy it.

——文斯 & 彼得

In the photo, Mike Ehrmantraut waits in the Alvarado 运输 Center after arriving via train (NM 铁路跑 Express).

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