Take a virtual tour of 万博app开户!

Change your perspective in the heart of America's Southwest

Explore 万博app开户's sights and sounds in full 360° video from the top of the Sandia Mountains to the banks of the 里约热内卢格兰德.  

Explore first-hand the 万博app开户 国际 气球嘉年华 in all its wonder.   




Cruise down historic 66号公路 in a classic lowrider to experience art in 万博app开户. Soak in vibrant Día de Los Muertos artwork at Masks y Más and uniquely modern pieces curated by the Stranger Factory Gallery in Nob Hill. 下一个, stop by Pimental’s Guitars to witness the creation of their handcrafted guitars made in the heart of the city. From the ancient Petroglyph rock carvings, to the landscape that inspired Georgia O’Keefe, to the fresh coat of paint on the murals in 万博app开户’s downtown – here, 艺术不模仿生活. 艺术是生活. 




万博app开户 possesses a unique blend of culture, and its food is no different. As spicy as it is delicious, experience the diverse offerings of local food trucks that travel throughout the city with Malagueña’s Latin Tapas. 然后, taste traditional cuisine with a modern twist at the Pueblo Harvest Café – don’t forget the red and green chile. End the night with live music and a carefully crafted beer on Marble Brewery’s rooftop patio, with beautiful views of the downtown city lights that stretch all the way to the Sandia Mountains.




Take a trip off the beaten path and discover all that agriculture in 万博app开户 has to offer. Along the winding 里约热内卢格兰德 River, stumble upon hidden gems that feel like taking a step back in time. At Los Poblanos 历史 Inn & 有机农场, help harvest the ingredients for your next four-course meal, or simply enjoy the lavender-scented breeze from a hacienda porch. 下一个, enjoy a glass of wine underneath the shade of tall Cottonwood trees at Casa Rondeña Winery, right here in North America’s oldest wine-producing region.




The rhythm of 万博app开户 is a distinct merging of yesterday’s music and fresh, new voices. Hear all that the city’s music scene has to offer while riding along with local band, 红灯摄像机, on their way to 里约热内卢格兰德 Studios. Stop by Pimental’s Guitars for a behind-the-scenes look at their beautiful, hand-crafted guitars. 下一个, feel authentic 印第安人 culture within each drumbeat during a traditional dance at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, and experience the heated passion of flamenco in the intimate setting of the Tablao Flamenco.




Expand your horizon in 万博app开户 with hot air balloons that dot the beautiful blue sky year-round. Soaring high above the rooftops in the wicker gondola of a giant hot air balloon, see the city from new heights - taking in awe-inspiring 360 degree views - from the mountains down to the 里约热内卢格兰德 Valley. Visit during the 万博app开户 国际 气球嘉年华®, and cheer with visitors from around the world as hundreds of colorful giants float into the air.

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